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Orix Academy was a wonderful experience for me. My time in the program helped take me from a youth soccer level to a University level player. Orix Academy helped me excel and improve my technical skills, as well as my understanding of the game. Coach Ray explained the game to me in ways I had never seen before. Orix helped develop leadership and communication skills which have helped me on and off the pitch. Through training sessions, tactical sessions, and game review I improved both physically and mentally.
Orix Academy also helped me off the soccer field. Coach Ray helped me attain coaching opportunities as well as numerous volunteer positions. Orix Academy also helped me create a highlight tape, and a CV to send to University Coaches. Coach Ray is a very personable coach, who always makes an effort to know his players. Coach Ray always took the time to communicate with me and other players.
Orix Academy was an incredible experience for me and one I won’t forget.