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Goalkeeper Training

(Modern Day GK)

In today’s game the modern day goalkeeper is very much an outfield player hence the term coined to define them “sweeper-keeper”. In the past the position was solely about shot stopping and keeping the ball out of the net. The goalkeeper position however has undergone a complete transformation since 1992 (introduction of Back Pass rule). Today the position has evolved from the last line of defence into the initial point of the attack with the goalkeeper required to start attacking moves via accurate distribution of the ball. With the level of distribution required by goalkeepers today, we now regard goalkeepers such as Ederson and Marc-Andre Ter Stegen as being some of the most technically gifted players on their teams.
The modern day goalkeeper must be one of the most technically proficient players on any team and their ball distribution must be sublime. There is no question the most important distribution skill goalkeepers must possess today is the ability to pass effectively with their feet. The modern goalkeeper needs to be able to play accurate short passes as well as long balls to specific players in specific areas of the field. Exceptional distribution by goalkeepers ensures your team retains the ball, has the ability to play through presses and attacks can start via short passes from the goalkeeper instead of long punts up field which generally result in loss of possession.

In today’s game 70-80% of goalkeepers touches are with their feet. That number is staggering and to put that into perspective, for every 5 times a goalkeeper touches the ball, 4 of them are with their feet.

At Orix we have undergone a rethink of the logic behind what goalkeepers are primarily doing in practice for 70-80% of the time (diving, catching, punching) and instead to what the goalkeeper should actually focus on based on what they are required to do for 70-80% of each game (playing with their feet and tactical proficiency).

Our training programs are focused on developing the goalkeepers passing and distribution, enhancing their game understanding, improving their game management skills, teaching them to communicate effective information to teammates throughout the entire game and ensuring they understand the fundamental tactical purpose of the position. Orix Soccer Academy understands the importance in today’s game of integrating goalkeepers into the team training sessions to ensure they develop the skills required to play the position effectively at the next level.