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Why We Train Players Indoors

At Orix Soccer Academy we believe our INDOOR SOCCER PROGRAM is the best way for your child to learn the beautiful game and reach their potential. Legends such as Messi , Neymar, Ronaldhino, Ronaldo, Kaka, Zico and the Great Pele all played some form of small sided soccer and credit it with supporting their soccer development.

Orix Academy Training Programs offers primarily an Indoor Soccer format for for our academy participants . This format is fast paced and played in a tighter space; therefore players must learn to think and react quicker. As a result they will develop the skills required in the future to be standout 11 aside soccer players.

Indoor Soccer will help players develop an exceptional first touch, foot speed, balance, agility and coordination, ball mastery, shooting with both feet, situational awareness, accurate and quick passing and receiving. We believe children learn through repetition and practice in small areas where this development will occur naturally.

Our programs play indoors in gymnasiums from mid September to March.

10 benefits of learning to play in an Indoor Soccer format:

  • Improves decision-making skills.
  • Improves reaction time.
  • Increases ball contact (Over 600% more touches than 11 aside soccer).
  • Improves creative playmaking ability.
  • Improves 1v1 skills.
  • Increases ability to scan the field of play resulting in improved situational awareness.
  • Improves technical ability.
  • Encourages players to naturally play off the ball.
  • Improves player’s confidence.
  • Improves players Football Intelligence (Soccer IQ).
Orix is firmly committed to ensuring whenever possible players will play at their ability level and are not restricted by age group designations. As a result all players in the INDOOR SOCCER PROGRAMS will receive opportunities to train and play matches with older age groups if they are deemed by Orix academy staff as ready to play and compete at the next level. We believe this is the best way to achieve accelerated development and prepare players for opportunities beyond youth soccer.

At Orix we have a simple philosophy “more teaching less coaching”.